BCS Laboratories is ISO 17025:2017 accredited to perform filtration efficacy test studies and microbiological water purifier unit validation studies. We provide drinking water treatment unit (water purifier) testing using NSF 42, NSF 53, NSF55, NSF 58, the US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers (1987), NSF 244, NSF 4198, NSF P231 (Microbial testing), NSF P248 (Military Handheld Purifier), World Health Organization (WHO), and many other standard custom designed protocols.

BCS is accredited by the US Army Public Health Center for the testing of water purifiers as per protocol NSF P248. NSF Protocol P248 sets forth testing criteria for small water purifiers (SWPs) to determine their effectiveness in providing microbiological purification from any fresh water source.

BCS Laboratories tests submitted water filtration units, purifiers, and filter media to determine filtration efficacy for a variety of contaminants at conditions pre-determined by the client or standard NSF protocols. BCS’s dedicated 7500 sq. ft. wet lab facility is equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies to ensure we provide our clients with accurate, meaningful and verifiable claims about their devices.

As an established and accredited laboratory, BCS staff have significant experience working with a variety of waterborne contaminant. This experience extends to validating technologies for the removal of these species from water. This includes filtration and physical or chemical inactivation of the microbial species. We have extensive training and experience in filtration technologies and knowledge of disinfection principles and applications. This experience is evident in the multitude of publications that BCS staff have authored/coauthored. We have collaborated, developed and validated a large variety of treatment units and technologies. In our testing, we determine their efficacy for the removal and/or inactivation of contaminants including but not limited to, virus, bacteria, spores, cysts, bacteriophage, inorganic, and organic chemical species. We continuously offer our services to a large variety of clients including internal ones. Every client no matter how small or large is treated with the same professionalism and courtesy and their needs are catered to similarly. This allows us to achieve the objectives of our clients in timely and cost effective manner.

We actively collaborate with many clients in developing and validating novel products and technologies for the purification of water using protocols customized for the required tests and client goals. A strict control on the multitude of physical, biological, and chemical parameters is maintained and documented so as to comply with ISO17025 and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) that we cautiously adhere to.

In addition to the traditional biological contaminant filtration studies, BCS laboratories tests units of various sizes and technologies for the removal efficacy of many emerging water contaminants. These include chemicals in NSF 401 publication and others: PFOS, PFOA, BPA, THMs, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, caffeine, endocrine disruptors and hormones, endotoxins, algal toxins (Microcystin and Cylindrospermopsin), Geosmin, MIB, Fluoride, heavy metals, and many others.

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